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The Father of Medical Marijuana Would Be Shocked to Learn This

The Father of Medical Marijuana, Dr. Roger Adams (1889-1971), would be shocked and amazed to learn what’s happening with cannabis these days. Dr. Adams was awarded U.S. Patent #2,304,669 for isolating the medical component of cannabis, now known as CBD, or Cannabidiol (pronounced can-na-bi-DIAL). He applied for the patent on August 16, 1940. It was… Continue

Athletes Are Swapping OTC Pain Relievers For CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is being heralded as something of a miracle molecule these days. Do you struggle with a mood disorder? Or IBS? Or treatment-resistant epilepsy? CBD’s said to hold the key to medicating these and other ailments, all with zero toxicity to humans. Researchers from the University of São Paulo found that “In human studies,… Continue