The Benefits of Cannabidiol (or CBD)

The Benefits of Cannabidiol (or CBD)

What is CBD?

It is one of the many compounds/molecules found in the marijuana/hemp plant. CBD is the part of the plant that is legal in all 50 states, and does not get you high.

  • CBD is legal and comes in a variety of forms including CBD hemp oils, smoking, vaporizing, electronic-cigarettes, tinctures, food and drink (edibles), capsules, and chewing gum.

CBD is very safe and has a stellar record, when it is used in moderation, instead of pills or alcohol for many medical conditions. CBD is not at all like the more popular (legal in some states) THC molecule, however.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most popular and potent part of weed that can make you high. Most of the medicinal value of weed comes from cannabidiol (or CBD). CBD does not get you high, however, it has a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

CBD even potentially helps THC usage to be a more balanced and even enjoyable experience. Mother Nature has wisely put both THC and CBD into this amazing and wonderful plant. It’s about time we recognized this possible herbal remedy.

6 More CBD Benefits

Thankfully, now growers and dispensaries are selling higher-CBD hemp products. Here are some of the ways that CBD has helped others:

  • CBD might help decrease seizures, epilepsy and other signs of brain trauma  
  • CBD might be a very effective treatment for panic disorders and general anxiety  
  • CBD may support your immunity and a healthier digestion
  • CBD compounds have shown to be an anti-tumor and anti-cancer supplement in people (and their pets!) 
  • CBD may be part of  potent anti-psychotic and/or anti-schizophrenia therapies
  • CBD can help you sleep better and remain on a healthy sleep pattern

CBD is legal because it does not get you high and has little to zero no abuse potential. CBD needs a lot more marketing and competition to drive down the price of CBD extracts. But at least now you know where to find it, and how it may help you lead a calmer, more balanced lifestyle.  

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