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What is CBD Cannabidiol?

Our friends at WeedMaps and SC Labs put together an informative video explaining the science and uses of cannabidiol in all its many forms.

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For decades now, researchers have been trying to find a cure for cancer and a treatment option that does not damage the whole body. Billions have already been spent on cancer research, but there is still no cure. All along, the answer might have been hiding in plain sight and can be found in the cannabis plant.Research has found that Cannabidiol (CBD) activates apoptotic (self-destructive) pathways, which allows the immune system to destroy cancer cells. Many researchers are now studying the ability of Cannabidiol to fight cancer and the initial findings are promising.

Local CBD News

While CBD’s legal status on the federal level is still ongoing, residents in some states can obtain CBD oil without worries after its state-level legalization. As of recent reports, 15 states already legalized CBD oil and can be obtained in some local stores.

Among the states that legalized Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is Alabama, where the act was unanimously approved by its local senate. Aside from its legalization, the act also called for the University of Alabama to conduct studies focusing on CBD’s effectiveness in treating neurological problems like epilepsy, sponsoring around a million dollars for research.

The state of Iowa also approved CBD’s legalization by 2014. However, the approval has its limitation as it’s only given to patients suffering from epilepsy or other seizure disorders. Just like Alabama, Iowa’s senate also called for a university to conduct study on CBD’s efficacy.

Unlike Alabama, the senate in Florida had 15-3 votes in favor of CBD’s legalization. The bill also focused on growing, testing and dispensing oil for patients. The senate called for creating a patient registry to regulate the number of people taking the medication for their health issues. Unlike Iowa, Florida’s bill doesn’t limit CBD’s access to seizure disorder patients. Even those suffering from PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease are also qualified to get this product without issues.

New York also legalized CBD with the goal of studying its effects on seizure disorder experienced by children. Clinical trials will be held in hospitals, medical schools, and other academic establishments. While it solely focuses on studies, the state also approved a more comprehensive bill focusing on this compound.

Other states that approved CBD’s legalization include Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Utah, Virgina, and Idaho.

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