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Short-term stress is a healthy part of life, because it motivates people to accomplish a task. However, when stress becomes chronic, that is the time some of the organs in the body begin to deteriorate slowly. Diseases can cause stress, aside from the person’s reaction towards a stressful stimulus.

Whatever causes stress, be it a chronic disease, it is not what matters; it is the emotional, psychological and physical reaction that affect the overall health. Fortunately, non-psychotropic cannabinoids can help with the wellness of the individual. CBD Cannabidiol, specifically, can help maintain homeostasis that is not damaging to the organs.

When people undergo chronic stress, the immune system reacts, producing inflammatory and pain-causing chemicals. This signals the body to stop, and to take a rest. Not able to cope with stress, people become more vulnerable to illness and infection. There is a risk to infection, since the adrenal glands release a significant level of cortisol or glucose in the blood. Active adrenal glands also release hormones that increase blood pressure, which then causes narrowing or constriction of the blood vessels.

The heart compensates from the narrowed blood vessels. It increases its pumping rate to deliver more oxygenated blood to the organs. Sure, there is a possibility of cardiovascular diseases, but what makes stress deadly is the generalized inflammation it can cause. This inflammation can lead to autoimmunity. Stress is aggravated by tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption, as the substances involved can make the blood vessels become even narrower.

There is a higher risk for atherosclerosis or the narrowing and hardening of blood vessels. Long-term stress can cause dehydration that is existent for a long time, which then can cause kidney disease and an increased concentration of toxins in the blood. The body fails to be in a relaxed state to have time to eliminate the metabolic wastes.

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Stress is also accompanied with sleep disturbances, of which insomnia is common. The body may be tired, but it stays alert as if there is always a threat. CBD Cannabidiol, one of the cannabinoids in hemp oil, can calm the body, and can prevent the occurrence of autoimmunity because of its anti-inflammatory effects. It can inhibit certain pain chemicals, which is useful for people who suffer from frequent headaches due to stress.

Aside from the CBD Cannabidiol itself, terpenes, such as myrcene and beta-caryophyllene, has antioxidative properties, which helps the body get rid of the toxic metabolic waste and the toxins from addictive substances.

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