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Good news for people who have been having troubles with bouts of mood disorders! Experts are working day and night so that you’ll get the relief you can’t get from drugs, which you can possibly get from using cannabinoids from hemp. Experts are still trying to clearly understand the mechanism behind the effectiveness of marijuana in stabilizing moods, but they already have that positive kind of thinking about cannabinoids and that they are actually seeing in them a good promise for people like you.

General Assessment from the Mood Disorder Experts

Experts are particularly focusing on cannabidiol, a cannabinoid that forms about 40% of marijuana extract content. Specifically being studied are the anxiolytic properties of CBD, cannabidiol. Having anxiolytic properties means that marijuana has the ability to control stress and anxiety among users, although no tests have been done on humans yet.

Another interesting thing about this anxiolytic ability is that marijuana doesn’t have psychoactive effects. If things go well in research and it can be established that marijuana use for mood disorders are indeed effective and safe, manufacturers of anxiolytic drugs will see a potential threat to their business.

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In America, many of those who oppose the use of marijuana for medical purposes are drug manufacturers. Unfortunately for them, research is unraveling one good thing after another about marijuana as an alternative drug.

The Cannabidiol CBD Challenge

Recently in the medical circle, an important discovery was made and it is about a unique bodily system that regulates moods and similar functions. Scientists called it the Endocannabinoid system, a system that can be affected by external cannabinoids such as those found in marijuana. With this understanding, many studies are geared towards explaining the potentials of cannabinoid substances in treating psychiatric disorders.

The assumption in studies is that in people who have mood disorders and related disorders have a dysfunctional endocannabinoid. The challenge is to appropriately combine the analgesic, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, antipsychotic and antidepressant properties of substances in marijuana. Currently, some of the substances have been identified to have the ability to control pain among users, but to fully explain the mechanism behind such ability and all the potentialities that marijuana substances are showing may require longitudinal studies.

Efficacy trials examining potentialities are limited, but at best, they are encouraging. In addition, there are no adverse effects being reported among cannabidiol users. Research is also investigating the effectiveness of synthetic cannabinoids if they can perform better than their natural counterparts. If they can’t, there’s also the thinking among researchers that people can just modify the genetic setup of hemp plants to be able to produce the more important marijuana substances in large amounts.

Cannabidiol Research: Mood Disorders

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