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In a recent scientific research, it was discovered that Cannabidoil rich hemp oil can help alleviate painful headaches caused by migraine. Migraine is a condition characterized by severe headache usually accompanied by sensitivity to brightness, nausea and vomiting. It may affect both children and adults for the same reasons.

Causes of Migraine

It was discovered from a scientific survey that more women suffer from this condition than men. Women’s migraine is often referred to as hormonal migraine or menstrual migraine. Hormonal changes and imbalance are to blame for their severe headache. In other cases, certain drinks and foods can trigger this condition. Sleep deficiency can also cause a bad headache.

For children, migraine is usually connected with weight. Children and teenagers who are overweight are most likely to experience severe headache than thinner kids.

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There are more factors that trigger migraine. Too much exercise and sex are both believed to cause severe headache. Getting too much physical movement can result to frequent headache.

Smoking can also cause migraine. If you are quite sensitive, secondhand smoke can also ignite severe headache. The change of weather can cause migraine to some people. Whether it’s a cold winter or a summer heat, some people start to feel dizzy and experience severe headache during the change of weather.

How CBD Cannabidoil Can Help

Cannabidoil CBD rich hemp oil is an extract from a plant. Due to its natural composition, you can use it to treat many health conditions, including migraine. You can use it to treat migraine through the following:

  1. After shower, apply the oil to your body like a moisturizing lotion. Massage your body with the oil and allow your skin to absorb it.
  2. Replace your other cooking oil with hemp natural oil. The oil gives a crispy and nutty taste to your food. You can also use it as salad oil in place of olive oil.
  3. Use the oil as a petroleum gel or a liniment. Take a few drops of hemp natural oil on your fingers and rub it to your head when you have a bad headache.

The oil contains up to 80% of good fatty acids and only about 9% of saturated fatty acids. So whenever you use the oil, you are 100% assured that you are not ruining your health at any cost. Cannabidoil rich hemp oil is not just a treatment to your migraine, but it is also a great help to your overall health.

Cannabidiol Research: Migraine

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