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Essential fatty acids found in seed and fish oils can help prevent heart diseases related to increased blood pressure. However, cannabinoids like Cannabidiol CBD and fatty acids in plants do not help repair the heart muscles to correct abnormal heart rhythms. The cardiac tissue cannot regenerate, much like the other tissues in the body. Therefore, hemp oil can only be used as a food supplement in the prevention of thrombosis and atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis can lead to serious heart diseases, such as myocardial infarction or cardiac muscle damage, leading to chest pain. In serious cases where there is plaque build-up, the blood vessel affected can become constricted. This restricts the passage of blood to the tissues of the body, consequently reducing the oxygenated blood to some of the organs.

CBD-rich hemp oil can lower the blood cholesterol levels

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids found in CBD-rich hemp oil can lower the blood cholesterol levels and can help speed up fat metabolism. The decreased blood cholesterol can help prevent an increase in the blood pressure and can prevent insulin resistance. Therefore, if there is a decreased likelihood of insulin resistance from occurring, the risk for developing diabetes and obesity is minimal.

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The trans and saturated fats found in some foods, and the nicotine in cigarettes are toxins in the body. These toxins can cross the blood vessels, which will be attacked by the leukocytes of the immune system. The resulting clumping of the leukocytes, their debris, and the leftover toxins become the plaque that adheres to the blood vessels. The non-psychotropic cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) in hemp seed oil have antioxidant properties that can cleanse the blood of these disease-causing toxins.

The buildup of plaque and the hardening of the blood vessels over time can lead to decreased cardiovascular function. The plaque can pose other serious problems when it dislodges from the blood vessel it is attached to and travels to the smaller blood vessels until it blocks the passage. The region where the bloodstream is decreased begins to lose tissue function. One possible symptom of an impaired circulation is numbness felt in the affected area.


Although cardiovascular diseases are not accompanied with definitive signs and symptoms, preventive measures should be undertaken, such as doing exercise and eating healthy. An individual may choose to take safe food supplements, composed of pure phytocannabinoids, to prevent the development of heart diseases in individuals who are vulnerable to such.

For someone who has already developed a plaque, the anti-inflammatory properties in Cannabidiol CBD oil would be helpful in preventing the thrombus or plaque from further damaging the blood vessel, or in preventing the autoimmune attack to the affected blood vessel.

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