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Fibromyalgia is a syndrome in which signs and symptoms do not easily point to its diagnosis. Its classical symptom is generalized pain, which is related to a flawed pain perception and sensation. Pain varies but it can disrupt with the daily activities. Using CBD-rich hemp oil as a food supplement can relieve this symptom by acting on the peripheral nervous system, not on the brain.

There is also sensitivity to pain when pressure is applied on a certain body part. Other symptoms include irritability, mood and metabolic disturbances, anxiety, and depression.

Other medical claims suggest Fibromyalgia is due to a more serious condition, like rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus. These are autoimmune disorders, accompanied with the destruction and inflammation of the connective tissues, like joints. Most often, the causative agent for developing autoimmunity is unknown. A tumor or any abnormal growth in the body can trigger an autoimmune response. Even metastasis can affect the distant cells and trigger autoimmunity in the distal areas.

Endocannabinoid System

The anti-inflammatory properties in phytocannabinoids have actions in the pain sensation regulated by the endocannabinoid system. This system is a part of the nervous, endocrine and immunologic system. The cannabinoid receptors are found in these systems. The CBD-rich hemp oil has effects on the cannabinoid receptor 2 (CR-2) that spans the peripheral nervous system.

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Since CBD-rich oil has little or no significant effects on the brain, it is part of the alternative medicine that can heal the body safely. It is natural and has no side effects, as compared to conventional medicine that includes the use of steroidal and analgesic drugs. Also, it is an agent that helps with the function of the microglia to effectively engulf all of the debris of dead neurons and anything that can be toxic to the brain and spinal cord. This helps contain the waste products and prevents the inflammatory action of the immune system to the central nervous system.

The contributory factors to fibromyalgia are stress, physical or psychological trauma, or a genetic anomaly. Some genes are transcripted to become more sensitive to pain than the genes in other people. Stress aggravates pain because it triggers the release of certain enzymes or hormones as a way of the body to protect itself from a threat. The muscles get painful and are felt as swollen even if there is no definitive measurement from a diagnosis that tells exactly it is fibromyalgia.

Naturopathy or alternative medicine is helpful in alleviating the symptoms of fibromyalgia. For people who cannot take acupuncture for some reason, they can choose to consume daily doses of CBD-rich hemp oil, in conjunction with stress management.

Cannabidiol Research: Fibromyalgia

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