Epilepsy and Seizures

cbd-relief-Epilepsy-SeizuresHow can hemp relieve epilepsy seizures? The hemp or Cannabis plant has gained a bad reputation around the world as the source of Marijuana, an addictive psychoactive drug. This caused many countries to prohibit the production of this plant, or the sky-high taxes that come with farming it. However, recent studies have proven that hemp is also the source of a good derivative of Cannabis, which is called Cannabidiols. Although they come from the same plant, this derivative lacks the negative effects of THC or Tetrahydrocannbinols, which is the chemical name for Marijuana.

The beneficial derivative of Cannabis is the total opposite of THC because it is non-psychoactive and can treat numerous bodily disorders including neurologic ones like seizures and epilepsy. Although the exact mechanism of how it works with epilepsy seizures is not yet established, studies state that it has anticonvulsant properties. Many experimental studies where this derivative is given prove that it significantly reduces epileptic and seizure attacks and have minimal side effects, which include sleepiness and diarrhea.

The methods by which hemp extract can be used or taken are also convenient. Hemp oil is the preparation that most people could use to get the benefits of Cannabis extract. The fastest route of absorption is sublingual, where the oil is dropped under the tongue to enter the blood circulation directly. One drop should be put under the tongue as the initial dose of the day. Then after 3-5 hours, the dose will be increased to two drops. The medication should be administered in a cycle until the dosage reaches 3 drops, which is the maximum amount in one dose. After the dose with 3 drops, the next dose should be returned again to 1 drop. The beneficial effects on the system last for 3-5 hours, thus the repeated administration in such timing.

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Another method of administration is by using the oil with your vaporizer. It could be inhaled just like the anti-asthma medications. The effects will also be fast, but only second to the sublingual route. The strength of the effects also depends on the concentration of the oil, which is best prescribed by the doctor. The more concentrated the preparation is, the more expensive it becomes.

Although the mechanism of how CBD in the brain treats epilepsy seizures is not yet established, experimental studies prove its effectiveness. Many patients worldwide could benefit from this treatment, so long as the doctors and patients become more open-minded regarding the potential of this chemical. It is best taken with doctor’s prescription and guidance, and with the patient’s willingness to take some considerable risks to resolve the greater problem of epilepsy seizures.

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Cannabidiol Research: Epilepsy Seizures

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