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Most people only associate Cannabis with Marijuana, a recreational drug that induces a euphoric state that could later on lead to memory loss and an uncontrollable addiction. What people do not know is that, Marijuana is only one of the derivatives of Cannabis or hemp plant. There is one derivative that is currently used as a treatment for numerous disorders. It’s called Cannabidiol and it’s different from the addictive psychoactive Cannabis derivative called THC or Tetrahydrocannabinols.

Studies on Endocrine Disorders

According to studies, this specific beneficial derivative can treat many disorders including ones affecting the endocrine system. The endocrine system is the one in charge of regulating hormones that control moods, appetite, metabolism and other vital bodily processes. CBD Cannabidiol can correct several endocrine disorders, as opposed to THC, which also comes from the same hemp plant yet has harmful effects to the body.

One of its major effects in the endocrine system is its ability to decrease the level of cortisol in the blood plasma. The lower level of this hormone results to reduction of stress. In turn, this leads to the prevention of diseases said to be triggered by stress such as cancer. In relation to this, it also lessens a person’s level of anxiety, fear and panic; but this still needs further studies.

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Another major endocrine disorder that can be resolved by hemp’s good extract is the lifestyle and hereditary disease diabetes. This hemp derivative controls the blood sugar level by lowering the blood insulin level. Studies using mice as specimens proved that those injected with it tend to eat more but did not gain weight. This could be due to the body’s ability to properly process and eliminate sugar out of the system because of CBD’s effect on the insulin levels. If used at medically-appropriate doses, one of the most debilitating disorders, which is diabetes, can be controlled by hemp extract. Its debilitating side effects to the affected population can then be minimized.

With increasing numbers of researches proving the medical benefits of CBD Cannabidiol, this chemical may be legalized worldwide for medical use in the future. People only need to understand that there are such things as female and male hemp plants and that the good hemp extract produced through planting female hemp plants and have them pollinated by male plants. The illegal and addictive Cannabis derivative, on the other hand, is produced from unpollinated female hemp plants. Therefore, production of the bad derivative THC can be prevented if farmers will have all their female hemp plants pollinated. There only need to be policies to be set if hemp plants will be openly okayed for planting, for medical purposes.

Cannabidiol Research: Endocrine Disorders

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