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Arthritis refers to a wide range of medical conditions characterized by an inflammation of one or more joints in the human body. Actually, there are numerous types of arthritis known in the medical world. Nonetheless, numbers do not matter as all types of arthritis share one common characteristic, which is inflammation. This article will discuss how CBD, Cannabidiol can help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

Being a recognized non-psychoactive Cannabinoid derived from hemp, Cannabidiol has recently been a subject of interest among medical experts as recent studies pointed toward the possibility of using cannabinoid to alleviate or even cure arthritis. Although Cannabidiol arthritis studies have just been recently conducted, the initial results were considered promising by many experts.

Cannabis-Based Medication to Treat Symptoms of Arthritis

The use of cannabis-based medication to treat symptoms of arthritis is commonly self-reported by most rheumatism sufferers. According to an anonymous questionnaire survey carried out to a number medicinal cannabis patients in Australia in 2005, 25 percent of the subjects reported that their rheumatism was treated by cannabinoid. However, only a number of clinical studies researching the use of cannabis when it comes to treating rheumatism made it in the scientific literature.

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In 2006, experts from the British Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Disease revealed that they were able to carry out a successful treatment of arthritis using CBD, Cannabidiol in the first-ever controlled testing to assess the efficacy of hemp oils in treating symptoms of arthritis. The report of the study shows that administering hemp oils to patients suffering from rheumatism in a span of five weeks yielded statistically critical improvements in terms of inflammation, intensity of pain and quality of sleep compared to patients subjected to placebo.

There were also no adverse reactions observed throughout the tests. Similar results have also been produced in smaller Phase II trials studying the use of orally administered Cannabinoid.

Cannabidiol Produces Impressive Results

All in all, it has been shown that Cannabidiol produces impressive results in treating various symptoms of arthritis and other long-term inflammation. Until now, many medical institutions are still investigating its efficacy in treating various diseases and how it can affect the medical world in the years to come. Still, it is too early for the medical experts to come up with a conclusion whether CBD, Cannabidiol is indeed a potent medication for rheumatism to replace the widely accepted treatments for arthritis.

Nonetheless, Cannabidiol’s apparent lack of adverse side effects makes it one of the most viable alternative treatments for arthritis and various medical conditions.

Cannabidiol Research: Arthritis

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