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Smokers can benefit a lot from cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to decrease nicotine addiction. A total of 24 smokers were chosen as the respondents and were asked to take CBD as treatment. For a week, these respondents used an inhaler every time they felt a strong urge to light up a cigarette. Over the course of one week, the number of cigarettes they smoke has been reduced by 40 percent. In contrast, smokers who took the placebo treatment showed no changes in their habits.

Cannabidiol is also found to be effective in reducing morphine and cocaine use. Through the intracranial self-stimulation (ICSS) paradigm, the subjects of the study (rodents) were subjected to stimulated electrodes. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, can interfere with brain reward mechanisms and can block the urge to crave for cocaine and morphine.

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Aside from craving, relapse is likewise addressed in treating addiction. Cannabis was also found as an effective ingredient in the maintenance treatment of methadone. Through the help of hemp oil, opiate use has dropped significantly in individuals.

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Phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes also work together to help in inducing binge alcohol consumption. CBD can also work as an anti-oxidant, which reduces the adverse effects of alcohol. Though cannabis can still get users high, CBD can decrease its effects and is actually effective in combating THC and cannabis withdrawal symptoms.

CBD has also shown to regulate and treat drug-related phases and syndromes, including intoxication, addiction, withdrawal and relapse. The preliminary evidences on the power of CBD over tobacco and alcohol addiction are hoped to generate more positive results as regards the treatment of addictive behaviors. Nevertheless, CBD is a new intervention to substance abuse and chain-smoking.

Research data on the treatment of addiction through CBD may still be limited, but the results are definitely promising. Ultimately CBD will help not only substance abuse patients and chain smokers, but also their families who constantly look for more effective treatments for their loved ones.

Cannabidiol Research: Addiction

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