cbd-relief-ADD-ADHDParents have been confounded with the fact that their children have ADHD and ADD, disorders that affect the latter’s behavior. While patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are unusually active and could not focus for a long time, people with Attention Deficit Disorder have trouble concentrating on a task. This is usually solved by subjecting them to therapy and treatment. Other times they have to be supervised by a healthcare professional and a shadow teacher.

Of late, a scientific breakthrough is making headlines in medical journals. Cannabis (marijuana) has found to be the source of cannabinoids (CBD), a unique chemical compound which is known for several health benefits. CBD is considered safer than THC, another compound found in hemp oil, and is found to be a great alternative to other medicines that may cause adverse reactions in the body. For one, CBD is an effective treatment for acne, thinning hair, and cancer. It can also cure addiction. One of the benefits that make CBD helpful to the body is its ability to treat ADHD and ADD.

CBD Relief and ADD ADHD

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) in cannabis contains various proteins that play significant roles in pathophysiological and physiological processes. These distinct elements in ECS can alleviate pain and inflammation, and also calm a patient’s nerves. The synergy of the proteins and compounds in the Cannabis plant produce therapeutic results to the patient, and thus will benefit those with attention deficit disorder.

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Cannabis likewise contains terpenes and phyto-cannabinoids that make CBD effective in treating disorders and physical maladies. Known to be safe even for teens, parents don’t have to worry about mixing hemp oil to food, drinks and drugs if only to remedy health problems.

A couple of studies have been published on the effectiveness of CBD and hemp oil in curing the said disorders. For instance, a research composed of 62 males diagnosed with ADHD revealed that the respondents had lower striatal DAT density when they took the CBD treatment. Furthermore, it was discovered that phyto-cannabinoids are responsible for normalizing social behavior and for inhibiting hyperactivity.

Daily intake of hemp oil or any food mixed with cannabis powder (and when ingested in the approximate amounts) can control hyperactivity and impulsivity. Another research conducted wherein the respondents are diagnosed with ADHD, and are accustomed to smoking and drinking alcohol, showed that the inattention symptoms and hyperactivity-impulsivity were controlled upon taking CBD treatment.

Cannabidiol Research: ADD and ADHD

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