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Acne! Any teen would want to have clear, baby smooth skin. Sadly, not all people are blessed with good genes. Worse, some are forever taunted by images of their adolescent selves, with faces marred with acne and pock marks. Not that people have to be vain, but a bad case of acne not only reflects the state of your hygiene. It also affects your personality and confidence level.

Good thing there is Cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil. Research shows that CBD is an effective agent in getting rid of acne. Plant cannabinoids actually clears the skin’s breakouts and moisturizes the layer of the skin. Researchers have proven that with consistent and constant application of cannabis hemp oil, acne is diminished and the epidermis becomes clearer.

Topical application of cannabis hemp oil on the face is also safe. If one will do this for 12 weeks, even sebum or excess facial oil is reduced. Thus, CBD is an excellent treatment for excessive sebum production, acne vulgaris, pustules, seborrhea and papules. Zits should not be treated lightly because they are inflamed and can easily get infected. When the pimple becomes infected, it can cause more zits to grow, or scars (or pock marks) to appear on your face. CBD, however, has anti-inflammation properties that reduce the redness and size of pimples.

CBD and Acne

Because of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a lot of bodily processes have been made possible, such as the growth and development of other tissues to replace those cells that have died. The ECS also solves pain and itching, hair disorders (especially for those with thinning crowns), acne, allergic dermatitis, and even cancer. Moreover, the ECS is composed of cannabinoid receptors, mediator sendocannabinpoids, and metabolizing enzymes.

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Another offshoot of CBD – the phyto-cannabinoids, has been found to be therapeutic. When combined with terpenes, a kind of a chemical compound, phyto-cannabinoids can alleviate inflammation and pain caused by acne. The synergistic effect found in the ECS, plus the fact that CBD is natural and medicinal, is perfect for people who are tired of experimenting on heavy creams and stinging solutions.

It may take a lot of people to be convinced of the wonderful powers of Cannabis, but facts do not lie. Compared to THC, another chemical found in marijuana, CBD presents no side effects to the body and is generally ruled as safe by doctors. Cannabis also does not make people high, and is therefore a good alternative to painful treatments for acne.

Cannabidiol Research: Acne

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