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Conditions That May Respond to Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabidiol is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient, which may help treat many known conditions. Oxidative damage and inflammation are two major contributors  to your health. CBD helps soothe both:

  • Multiple Sclerosis – This causes acute chronic pain. The immune system attacks nerve endings that cause constant pain. Cannabidiol has been found to ease the pain caused by multiple sclerosis.
  • Epilepsy and Seizures – There is so much to be discovered about the anti-seizure effects of Cannabidiol, but they are present and powerful according to researchers. Because of that, Cannabidiol really has the potential to be a great treatment option for epilepsy.
  • Schizophrenia – Research suggests that Cannabidiol (CBD) is a well-tolerated, safe, and effective alternative treatment for schizophrenia. It produces antipsychotic benefits to help people with schizophrenia and some other psychotic disorders, including bipolar disorder.
  • Depression and Anxiety – Cannabidiol stimulates antidepressant-like and anxiolytic-like effects, which make the user feel relaxed, euphoric, and uplifted.
  • Diabetes – Some studies suggest that Cannabidiol treatment can prevent and delay inflammatory cytokine production and destructive insulitis.
  • Cardiovascular Disease – Cannabidiol is said to help protect against a wide range of heart conditions, including atherosclerosis, heart attacks, hypertension, and stroke. CBD can help reduce cardiac fibrosis, cell death, inflammation, myocardial dysfunction, and oxidative stress.

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